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All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Custom-Made Hand-Turned Wood Pens

Design your own hand-turned wood Artisan Pen or Pencil, using this four-step process, or pick from the completed projects shown on this page, subject to availability. Prices shown are for pens in stock - special orders may be subject to an additional cost for materials shipping.

Jr. Gentlemen Wood Pen - Ambrosia Maple and Rhodium

The Jr. Gentlemen pen is a ballpoint pen with dual-direction twist that is silky smooth. A premium pen kit, it is only available in 10k gold and rhodium. A thick, masculine and yet elegant pen, it is perfect for business, and has a hefty, sturdy feel when writing. All my pens are hand-turned form solid hardwoods, and finished without stains or dyes. Gloss or satin finish is available.
The wood of this pen is ambrosia maple. Ambrosia refers to the fungus that causes the black streaks. It's introduced by beetles that cary the spores with them. They burrow in to dead maple trees, lay eggs, and leave, and the spores they leave behind begin to break down the walls of the hole into food the larvae can eat. When they grow up and leave, they take the spores with them. The fungus only exists in symbiosis with the beetles, and the beetles can't live without the fungus. Cool stuff. The resulting staining pattern in the maple is distinct, dramatic, and beautiful.
Rhodium is a hard silvery white and durable metal that has a high reflectance. The primary use of this element in automobiles as a catalytic converter. Plated rhodium, is extremely hard and is used for optical instruments. This metal also finds use in jewelry and for decorations. It is also used as a filter in mammography systems because of the characteristic x-rays it produces. It is used in high quality pen surfaces due to its high-resistance characteristics. As of October 2007, rhodium cost approximately eight times more than gold, and 450 times more than silver. Rhodium has been used for honours, or to symbolize wealth, when more commonly used metals such as silver, gold, or platinum are deemed insufficient. In 1979 the Guinness Book of World Records gave Paul McCartney a rhodium-plated disc for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist. Guinness has also noted items such as the world's "Most Expensive Pen" or "Most Expensive Board Game" as containing rhodium.
Order one like this for $75.

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